CutLog & SSA are delighted to announce the  artists and works selected for the project   RE-IMAGINING WONDERLAND  which will be screened as part of an installation at this years 130th anniversary SSA exhibition in the Royal Academy Buildings at the National Gallery in Princes  Street Edinburgh  from 17th December 2022 – 10th January 2023


Chak Hin Leung.    ‘Jugaad’

Pernille Spence  with Zoë Irvine, Corinne Jola.   ‘High Winds & Slippery Surfaces’

Chris Avis  with Vicky Hawkins , Lizzie Hogben , Jill Bryson   ‘Arch Angels ‘

Matt Hulse.   ‘Toasted Hearts’

Kialy Tihngang  with Buom Tihngang, Akiko Smith, Eben Dombay-Williams, Hugh Kelly, Iona Rose Wheeler.   ‘Useless Machines’

David Overend with  Helen Billinghurst, Laura Bissell, Catherine Dunn, Jamie Lori-mer, Jack Reed and Phil Smith.   ‘Deep Time and Future Pasts in Gully Cave’

Jessica Ashman.  ‘Utopia Portals ‘

Zillah Bowes.  ‘Allowed’

Olana Light.   ‘The Spirit of Autumn ‘

Tanatsei Gambura.  ‘The Great Importance of Whim ‘

Luis Grane with Tomas Basile.   ‘Your mind is a Wonderland’

Eldarin Yeong.   ‘Dry Room’

Finn Dove.   ‘Vendor Beast’

Beverley Hood.  ‘An exercise in solitude’

Jane Houston Green.  ’Together’



Image caption :  ’Feeding Time’   Chris Avis.  Film still from  ‘Arch  Angels’.  Courtesy the artist.







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